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    As a citizen, the specter of identity theft and what type of effect it has on the the financial well-being of an individual are kept in public consciousness occasionally. But what about companies which we deal with on a regular basis? How are they keeping the information safe? We have all recently heard regarding security risks posed by different photocopiers which store an image of each piece of paper which has been copied on such machine. How many of us basically have had to make a copy of social security card? There are different machines everywhere with quite sensitive information stored for an extensive period of time that potentially can be discovered and used/sold to somebody for unlawful purposes. So unless there’s a procedure for data erasure of a hard disk on such machine, it is out there available to anybody who has opportunity and intent.

    20-computer-recycling-wwww-gigacycle-co-uk-3It means private businesses, quick copy places, government offices or any type of business can hold little liability unless they have a standard method for computer recycle wwww.gigacycle.co.uk to make sure data doesn’t fall into wrong hands.While an organization or corporation can become compromised for numerous reasons, the most avoidable when hard disks or computers that had stored data are properly decommissioned, pulled from a bank of hard disks and either sold in the secondary market or returned to the leasing company. It’s common for leased equipment to pass through numerous companies devoid of having its hard drive clearly wiped of data from the previous company.